Common Place - H@cktivityCon CTF

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        asd7138: can you find the flag here?
        tcm3137: no, i dont see it
        jwh8163: i cant find it either
        rfc5785: i found it
        asd7138: what!? where?!
        jwh8163: tell us!

Common Place

At first we get a link to a normal-looking website.

First thing I checked was stuff like robots.txt, you know, the common stuff.

Then I noticed something about the description of the challenge.

The Username of one of the people in that chat starts with rfc

Having this Website here set up, I knew of another common place that was defined by an RFC.

I double checked, and yes, rfc5785 is the RFC for the .well-known Directory on Websites.

Checking that gives us a file listing.

And in it, a flag.txt.

~sw1tchbl4d3, dd/mm/yyyy (dd/mm/yyyy)