Cat Cage - H@cktivityCon CTF

Category: Misc
Solves (at time of writing): 202
Description: We are in the cat cage! Only the good cats get treats!

Cat Cage

For the challenge we get a server and a port to connect to via netcat.

Listing the files presents us with a get_flag file.

Catting it out shows us this:

Since the word "cat" seems important in this Challenge, I thought of not using cat to show the contents of the file.

Since we have a bash shell we can get the contents of the file by typing $(<get_flag)

I tried to echo out the contents then with echo $(<get_flag), but echo was seemingly disabled.

So I tried it with printf (like a more low-level echo)

The syntax for the printf command would be: printf "%s" $(<get_flag) (%s = print a string)


There we have the command (red) and the flag (pink)!

~sw1tchbl4d3, 31/07/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)