Intro to Stegano 1 - CSCG

Category: Stego
Difficulty: Baby
Author: explo1t


This is the file we got:

(same file, unmodified! You can try it yourself!)

At first I tried a quick file....

And that showed up. That's gonna be useful later.

Other than that I didn't really find anything other than what we're gonna do next.


Trying to use steghide asks us for a password. I tried the comment as a password, and it worked!

Now we just have to extract it with steghide:

And cat it out

And there's the flag.


Don't really know what to say here, don't hide stuff in images? Someones gonna find it eventually if the password is weak / just written into the file.

With a strong password that's not just written down somewhere I can see the potential.

~sw1tchbl4d3, 09/08/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)