Follow The White Rabbit - Cave - CSCG

Category: Gamehax
Difficulty: Easy
Author: LiveOverflow


First I had to turn on my windows machine and try that game out.

In this game you have to follow a rabbit, but after you've followed it for a while it jumps into a hole.

If you try to follow it, you die (falldamage).

At first I wanted to teleport down there with cheat engine, didn't quite work out, haven't used it for years...

Then I thought of getting the flag out of the assets of the game.


To get the assets I used AssetStudio.

After downloading just open the game folder with it, click Asset List and search for flag. (green here)

And yep, the flag1 Texture2D object is indeed the flag.


In Unity you could draw a dynamically generated textmesh in the game instead of a static texture.

That would help against this type of attack!

~sw1tchbl4d3, 08/04/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy)